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Thank you petmania. Highly recommended And best delivery on time

Thank you petmania. Highly recommended And best delivery on time

Xabi Baig

Hashim Sohail

Recently I have ordered shampoo for my cat and brush. Satisfied with thier service and product quality

Hashim Sohail

Ismail Aswani

Best rates in town plus super cooperative staff and got the delivery of my puppy food the same day . wish u guys all the best.

Ismail Aswani

Sohaa Arish

Needed cat food urgently for my persians and got it delivered right away. very helpful staff!

Sohaa Arish

Saad N

BOMB of customer service and super cooperative staff, I am amazed they are so good. I ate their brain for 2 days and they were so patient and guided me well. A big thumbs up to PetMania

Keep up the good work!!

Saad N

Zoya Baig

Fastest Service,Supportive staff. Love the way they deliver the parcel within a verry short period of time. 10/10

Zoya Baig

Shoaib Sheikh

Highly recommended this place if you want affordable food and accessories for yours pet must try once.

Shoaib Shaikh

Tahira Tahira

Good pet accessories. Best online sailing products. Highly recommended

Tahira Tahira

Zara Khalid

I usually don’t leave reviews but I had to this time. Totally amazed by quick customer service and quality of the product. Really, you guys are doing great job. Will shop again soon.

Zara Khalid

Hiba Asghar

Ordered first time. Highly impressed by price and services, within one day I received my parcel

Hiba Asghar

Bushra Siraj

They offer variety of products in reasonable price, with free delivery..yaay…and above all their customer services staff even delivery staff is so helpful…. 10/10

Bushra Siraj

Misbah Hasan

Went to both branches of Pet Mania today and simply loved everything there from the variety in dog food and treats but also in the toys and accessories! So glad I found this gem in Karachi! Not shopping anywhere else now! Highly recommend it!!!

Misbah Hasan

Fatima Sherwani

Absolutely recommend PetMania, have visited the store a couple of times , the variety and vast range is astounding!! In lockdown times nobody makes such timely deliveries like they do. Excellent staff and services

Fatima Sherwani

Am very Happy. Mana first time shopping ki petmania se nd m very glad just 2 days mai mjy parcal mill gya meri tessa bht happy. Thank u pet mania

Mahnoor Jutt

Soon, people will see that it is the best choice for their pets,
I had a great experience with Josera and already 3 years I feed my dogs with Josera. Bravo PK it is the right choice.

Petar Mudrinski

Thank you.just got my parcel and very happy to get it.the quality are the same as you promised but please be carefull from the delivery company. they took too much time to deliver..
thanks for your suggestion about bonacibo food. my minoo loved it.minoo prefferd bonacibo over nutragold and I am surprised to see it.
highly recmended…

Khurram Waqas

Josera is one of the best foods available in pakistan. We have been using it for the lats eight months and have got superp results. Our dogs eat their food readily. They arent picky anymore. It gives shiny coat and adds good amount of weight on our dogs. Josera is all weather food ie dogs like to eat it even in summers. Try it and you will see the difference.

Anoos Robin

It is very hard to find a dog food for a large breed puppy. Specially which fulfill the calcium and protien requirements. Josera festival is perfect for my Alabai puppy who is now 10 months old. Joint functions and coat quality observed is above par. And the availability in my city Gujranwala is the cherry on the cake.

Ali Akarma

definitely yes !! ak arsy bad Karachi m tameez waly log pet food le k aye hain or imaan dari se kam bhi  or itni critical condition m delivery b ki !! Allah apky kam ma barkt de or i hope k esy hi kam krty rahen or logo ki trhan loot maar na kren 

Nida Irshad

Livesaver these days in such critical city conditions. I ran out of my dogfood & no one was delivering it, when PetMania delivered it within 24h.
Thankyou so much.

Danyal Matani

Great customer service. I bought Josera for the first time, ordered Active Nature but the rider bought YoungStar instead. I asked the guy to replace it very same day and the rider went all the way back and bought the right one. I really appreciate the service.

After all the reviews and research, hoping for good results.

Thank you Pet Mania!!

Ali Rasheed

I’m feeding my cats and puppy with Josera and the best part is I recently switched to Josera from well known brands and What I noticed is improvement in digestion and my cats are loving this food over natural diet and Its also economical on my pocket and I can purchase it from most of the biggest stores in Karachi..

Qasim Shahid

after a detail discussion with distributer in lahore i choosed to use HIGH ENERGY and FESTIVAL for my GSD dogs. the dogs were losing health and were taking there previous RC feed for granted but after using HIGH ENERGY and FESTIVAL there is a visible change in bone structure, coat, responsivness and over all health. the dog really seem to like the food and finish it on the spot as soon as i sevre him the food. the smell is amezing and as soon as opened the bag i realized that i have made the right choice and is provided with right product. the kibble size of the feed is quite moderate and i like it. there is no smell in the stool as well the dog health is improving at a good pace and they are on the right track to atain my desire result , am really happy with JOSERA and its customized product line to give us 2 way benifit of high quality in a reasonable competative cost, the distributer was also very helpfull. more over my another friend using meat and rice and duck and potato are also very very satisfy with the results. thank you JOSERA for bringing this excellent product line to pakistan. GooD job.

Abdul Basit

Shifted over from RC to Josera – Have to say it’s been a joy to own. Within a week you see a noticeable change in the coat. The cost is the best part about the product, because you can’t find anything else with the same results in the price category. Even when matched up against the more expensive options this outshines them all.

Bilal Kazi

FANTASTIC customer service!!! A customer representative helped me patiently and VERY respectfully for hours over fb messenger. I wanted to know sizes and prices and brands and colours, and they were so accommodating, and eager to help throughout!!! A nominal delivery fee of Rs.300 was charged, which in times like these is a BLESSING. They gave me multiple payment options and then let me know that the order will be delivered within 24-48 hours, but it was actually delivered within 5 hours!

AMAZING experience!

Sadaf Mujeeb

I heard about josera from some reputable breeders and other customers, did my internet research, saw all the ingredients which is perfect for a dog’s physique, coat, eyesight and the rest of its internal health so i decided to give it a shot! and my dog loves it! she won’t eat most of the other brands and most of the time she’d just nibble on a few bites but when she had josera.. she actually finished her bowl! its been a few days and she is more energetic and happy

Nida Imtiaz

Previously I was using one of the top food in pakistan but I was not getting the results that I wanted… than on the advice of my friends schwarz weapon kennel I switched to josera and I must say the results are simply outstanding….

I am using josera junior for my adult dogs and josera kids for my puppy and the result I am getting is very satisfying.

Haroon Naqash

Damn…I have been using this josera for like a week…nd man I am amazed ..its like when they start eating it they eat it like they have been hungry for ages..plus there health as come from level 1 to level 5 in just a week….my dogs happy I am happy…..I suggest every 1 to use this dog food #amazed

Sulayman John

Hmmm, Josera  Lovely, It is in fact a top brand , not the best in the world as new companies like Orijen are coming up fast. but it is for sure a old and recognised name in the pet food industry . So reliability and cost effectiveness are for sure its plus points. Secondly, i personally think Germans don’t do many things but what they do they do the best  So best wishes, keep me informed when available i will try it for sure.

Omer Khan

my cats are loving josera classic ..and it suits them as well .. did not cause any disturbance which usually happens when you change food brand.shall order more of it from daniyal asif mirza from lahore .

Iqra Liaqat

AoA, I am Dr Nadeem Abidi from Multan. I am using Josera for my four toy breed dogs. Before Josera, I used different premium brands, yet my dogs were picky on these foods, plus, they used to eat less and with little interest. Hafiz Rehan Saeed from Multan asked me to try Josera just once. The first thing that I noticed immediately was that all my dogs loved the taste from day 1. Their food intake increased. Secondly their coat started to get excellent condition. Thirdly their Health improved visibly. And lastly their play doubled. Briefly speaking, I am highly satisfied with Josera and my dogs are also loving my choice. And I also recommend to all premium dog food users to at least try it once. I am sure, you will be very happy with the results.

Nadeem Abidi

A few months back i bought my first labrador and since then i had been struggling to find the right food for my dog… he is a very picky eater and would either leave his food our would eat it half… i woukd have done anything for him to finish his food…than my friends at schwarz weapon kennel introduced me to joera festival and i must say where i was struggling with my dog to eat 1 cup he know eats 2 cups easily..

Bilal Shah

Today is 20th day of my dog with Josera Festival. and the results on the health, drive and all other aspects force me to say that this is best among all other brands available in Pakistan. And i am saying confidently no other brand can compete Josera Pakistan . now i am planning to switch to Josera Energy Inshallah……………………………and suggest every one to use at least once . i assure you , you will forget all other brands………………..

Zarrar Bin Al-Azwar

Josera food is one of the kind best imported dog food in Pakistan since a decade, I had pets like dogs, cats, they had lots of health issues like digestive problem, skin allergies, then one day I met Mr Fahad he tells me about this food (josera) I’m very afraid to buy josera first time because introducing new food to your pets its not an easy task but surprisingly my pets accept and love this food now my pet have zero health issues.
I appreciate Mr Fahad,
Thanks for josera food

Shiraz Bhatti

I have been using many dog food brands that include the ones from extreme high prices till the ones with very least pricings.
Josera has been a choice with extra nutrients for my dogs & is high in all nutrional & diet’s need of dogs.
And is less too but in pricings as compared to other brands with similar or less level of nutrients.
More or less & in short,Josera is the best choice if you want your lovely dog(s) to be healthy & full of vitamins,nutrition’s & etc…to not be having any kind of deficiency & to maintain the show class !
And lastly if you want a budget efficient pick.

Josera has been my choice from a few recent years & will continue to be as well..
I have recommended this to all my fellow breeders & friends.
Keep up the good work & introduce new products soon !

Amraiz Ali

I started giving josera very recently when my dog refused to eat any other brand food. On recommendation of a friend brought Josera active. To my surprise the dog started eating without any hesitation. Within a very short period of time
I have noticed that the coat has drastically improved and has put on weight that was required. I am pretty satisfied with the result.

Sajjad Mahdi

I have been breeding poodles for the last four years and I have used every food from Royal Canin, Taste of the Wild and Farmina for my dogs. My dogs are healthy and in a perfect shape but the only problem I have always had with them is they are very picky on food. Would even escape meals sometimes.
I had heard about Josera minibest and thought I should give it a try. I can’t believe how they are loving the food, without a hint of exaggeration my dogs are done with the meals in a matter of three to four minutes, they are loving the taste and are more energetic than ever before!
Would definitely recommend everyone to give it a try. It’s worth it!

Rao Shahzaib Elahi

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