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The fluffy cute looking act in your home is a natural hunter with a unique anatomy. This means that while it may not be apparent on the outside, but it needs special nutritious diets that is in line with its natural hunter’s anatomy. Not to forget, cats can be seriously choosy for the tastes they may like or not. 

It’s important to choose the best cat food for your fluffy pet to ensure its body and mind nutritional requirements are fulfilled completely. At Pet Mania, we understand the special needs of cat food and thereby brings a diverse assortment of premium cat food from the leading manufacturers from across the world. As a leading cat food online shop, we maintain state-of-the-art warehousing facilities across major cities in Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore, to ensure fast shipping of products to our esteemed customers.

Breed Specific cat food

As leading cat food Pakistan store, we bring in our valued customers unique range of breed specific cat food. Each cat breed has its own body type and requirement for the nutrients, thereby, our breed specific cat food ensures that you are able to give your fluffy pets the most appropriate and nutrient packed foods that supports the growth and development of their minds and bodies.

Specialty diet

Cats may develop certain allergies/sensitivities towards some food items. For such pets it’s important to offer them specialty diets. Also, some cats may develop some oral, dental or digestive issues, which makes them vulnerable to generic cat foods. At Pet Mania, our specialty diet range of cat foods offer pet owners of such cat a unique opportunity to choose specialty made diets for their pets and make sure that their pets are able to grow and develop with nutritious diet, which is in line with their dietary problems.

Age specific

Just like human babies, kittens needs to grow fast, however, they have little tummies. This means that they need special nutritious packed food that can deliver them the punch of the right nutrition necessary for development of bodies and mind. Once they reach the adulthood, their requirement for the energy and nutrition change dramatically. They need more energy to carry out daily activities which you love so much. And towards the end of their livelihood, the senior cats also need special food that give them the much needed strength to live through the old ages. Pet Mania cat food Pakistan brings the complete range of age specific premium cat foods, to ensure your cute fluffy pets are able to source all the required energy and nutrition they need as per their age.

Pet Mania – The leading cat food Pakistan Store!

Pet Mania is Pakistan’s leading online pet store that offer pet owners across Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other major cities a unique opportunity to source the best pet foods from the leading global manufacturers. We maintain a robust and interactive online platform to make it easy for our customers to choose the best dog and cat foods. We also maintain highest level of customer service standards by offering our clients with fast shipping and complete warranty for the quality of the product.

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