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By storing the feed in an air-tight barrel, you keep the freshness of the feed longer. The fat dries less and does not crave. Our feed does not contain artificial preservatives, so we recommend that you always keep the feed in sealed containers. A good plastic casing with a particularly strong and good lid that makes the barrel air-tight. We recommend that the casing is always cleaned with mild soap and water before emptying a new bag. The nature of fat is to settle inside the bucket, as the fat gets older it craves and becomes damaged and thus it can damage from a new feed that is put in the barrel. Remember that dry food is damaged quickly if it is stored under floor temperature, in humidity, near a window where the sun is shining on it or in rooms that are subject to high temperature changes. Feed should be stored in a dry and cold place. Dog and cat food is similar to ours and should be stored in the same way. At the same time, the utensils need to be cleaned like our kitchen utensils: food and beverage bowls, liners and barrels, measuring bottles and measuring spoons need to be washed regularly.



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