Buy Bonacibo Kitten Chicken with Anchovy & Rice 1.5 Kg Bag & Get Bioline Flea & Tick Spray 175 ML For Cat FREE

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1 review for Buy Bonacibo Kitten Chicken with Anchovy & Rice 1.5 Kg Bag & Get Bioline Flea & Tick Spray 175 ML For Cat FREE

  1. Muntaha Samad

    Muntaha Samad – “Faisalabad”

    I am very pleased with the Bonacibo Kitten Chicken with Anchovy & Rice. My kitten loves it, and the free Bioline Flea & Tick Spray was a great addition. The product arrived within 2 days in Faisalabad, and it’s completely authentic and vet-approved. Excellent value for money!

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