Deinsectization Shampoo (200Ml) Bioline


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Prevention and treatment of skin lesions such as itching, rash, hair loss and similar symptoms which caused by mites, fleas, lice and other ectoparasites, margosa extract, citronella oil and clove oil perfect combination, anti-parasitic more thoroughly, reduce skin itching, dander, repairs skin effectively.

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Ingredients : Margosa extract, citronella oil and clove oil Application : Shake well before using this product; wet the fur with warm water, clean the body and wash again with water. Then use the shampoo again, gently rub the body for 3-5 minutes, and rinse with warm water completely. Use twice a week in initial treatment, and once a week after symptoms improved. Maintain at least three weeks after recovered. Precautions: 1. For external use on animals only. Avoid entering the eyes and the ears. 2. Keep out of reach of children. 3. The bottle is not a pet toy. Beware of dogs and cats playing with it. Please see a doctor in case of accidentally eaten shampoo Storage Condition : Avoid direct sunlight, sealed and stored at room temperature.



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