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FeliImmun® Tabs supplement the cat’s diet in a targeted manner with nutrients known for their supportive effect on the general feline immune system.

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When do I use Anivital Feli Immun® Tabs?

Anivital Feli Immun® Tabs supplement the cat’s diet in a targeted manner with nutrients known for their supportive effect on the general feline immune system.

Particularly suitable

  • compensation of the immunity gap in kitten
  • immune suppression in older cats
  • high stress due to living conditions or work levels
  • lack of vitality and immune resistance after illness

How do I use  Anivital Feli Immun® Tabs?

Giving the correct dosage of FeliDerm® Tabs is very easy. For an adult cat weighing 5 kg, simply give 3 – 4 tablets as “rewards” over the course of the day. Treatment should be given for at least 4-6 weeks. Repeat treatments at 14-day intervals have a positive effect on sensitive cats.

Young animals can be given FeliImmun® Tabs from the fifth week to the end of the growth period.

What are the available package sizes for Anivital Feli Immun?

Jar 70 g (approx.. 140 tabs)

Jar 130 g (approx. 260 tabs)

What is the precise composition?

Brewers’ yeast, dried (28 %); Rye, malted; Lignocellulose; Poultry liver, dried; Poultry meat meal; Whey powder; Calcium carbonate; Herring meal; Magnesium stearate

Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast (content: 28%) is a natural complex of various active substances that have a positive influence on the immune system.

  • Natural enzymes (–> vitality in kittens/young cats)
  • vitamin B complex
  • choline (–> liver protection)
  • folic acid (–> formation of white blood cells/antibodies)
  • Glutathione (–> antibody formation)

Special cell wall components of brewer’s yeast (ß 1.3/1.6 glucans) have a proven positive effect on the immune system overall. These natural carbohydrate compounds, found only in yeasts and fungi, are ingested by cats in the wild via their contact with the soil. Their positive, direct effect on the activity and efficacy of the white blood cells in the defence against infectious pathogens has been proven in extensive studies on various types of animals as well as humans over a period of more than 10 years. The reason for the stimulating effect of the glucans on the body’s own defence system is the fact that the white blood cells (macrophages) are equipped with receptors able to detect and bind ß-1.3- und ß-1.6 glucans.

The contact with the glucans stimulates them to form various cytokines (mediators). These then support the defence reaction of the entire body. This effect of the glucans is enhanced when combined with vitamin C.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (supplement 15,000 mg/kg) is not produced in sufficient quantities by the cat’s body in stressful situations or in conditions of extreme stress.

High-quality animal proteins

High-quality animal proteins support protein metabolism, the optimal functioning of which is essential to the immune defence system



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