Goat Milk Calcium Tablets (Dog & Cats) 200G


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Increase bone density, strong gluten

Help to recover from illness

Puppies, pregnant and old dog can use daily as a calcium supplement

For dogs and cats of all ages

Goat’s milk is close to breast milk

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Product details of Bioline Goat Milk Calcium Tablets (Dog & Cat)

  • Goat milk contains more than 200 kinds of nutrients and bioactive factors
  • 17.2% higher than cow milk and fat ball is smaller than cow milk
  • Goat Milk tablet does not hurt the stomach and easier to absorb.
  • Bioline Goat Milk Tablets are for dogs and cats of all ages.


Bioline Goat Milk Tablet increases bone density, strong gluten, helps to recover from illness; puppies, pregnant and old dog can use daily as calcium supplements.



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