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Josera Adult Cat Daily Cat 2 Kg Bag

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Josera Adult Cat Daily Cat 2 Kg Bag

JOSERA DailyCat is suitable for the daily nutrition of indoor and outdoor cats who are sensitive to grain and prefer delicious poultry in their menu.
  • A daily extra portion of delicious poultry to your house cat’s taste (corresponds to approx. 130g fresh meat by 100g of dried food)
  • Valuable fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements contribute to a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Selected herbs and healthy fruits round off the recipe and offer your cat a delicious change
  • With special dietary fibres that can combat the formation of hairballs
Packaging size:

2 Kg Bag


Composition:?Complete feed for adult cats.

dried poultry protein, dried sweet potato, pea flour, poultry fat, beet fibre, hydrolysed animal protein, hydrolysed poultry liver, herbs, fruits, minerals
The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day. Always provide your cat with fresh drinking water.

2. Feed Recommendation

Weight Amount of feed DailyCat/24 h
2 – 3 kg 25 – 40 g
3- 4 kg 40 – 55 g
4 – 5 kg 55 – 70 g
5 – 7 kg 70 – 100 g
7 – 10 kg 100 – 130 g
The recommended feed quantities are given per animal per day. Always provide your cat with fresh drinking water.

Ingredients & additives

Analytical constituents
fat content 16,0 %
crude fibre 2,2 %
crude ash 7,0 %
calcium 1,25 %
magnesium 0,10 %
potassium 0,60 %
phosphorus 0,95 %
sodium 0,45 %

Additional information

Weight 2 kg



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3 reviews for Josera Adult Cat Daily Cat 2 Kg Bag

  1. admin

    Noor Mohammad (Peshawar):

    Used to struggle to find good quality cat food in Peshawar. Petmania solved that problem! The Josera Daily Cat is perfect for my finicky eater, and the price is reasonable. Definitely recommend giving it a try

  2. admin

    Sameer Ahmed (Islamabad):

    As a vet, I recommend Josera for many of my clients. Petmania’s verified import is a big plus, ensuring the quality of the food. Their hassle-free return policy is also a big advantage in case something unexpected happens. Overall, very satisfied!

  3. admin

    Ali Raza (Lahore):

    My cat absolutely loves Josera Daily Cat! It took him a while to warm up to a new food, but Petmania’s fast delivery ensured a smooth transition. The bag size is perfect for our needs, and I love that it’s grain-free.

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