Josera Mash Rapid Dry Horse Food 15 Kg


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Josera Mash Rapid Dry Horse Food 15 Kg – Pet Mania Pakistan

Josera Mash : Linseed makes the difference – because it provides the nutrients that have made, Mash so popular with horses and riders for generations. Sensi Mash is the delicious, beneficial mixture with an above-average flax content of more than 20 %.  The extruded linseeds are pre-treated. Mixed with warm water, Josera Sensi Mash can be fed after only 15–20 minutes swelling time (if cold water is used, the swelling time is extended by approx. 5–10 minutes).

The mucilage contained protects the horse’s intestinal wall and thus helps to keep it intact. The bran supports the intestinal motor function and helps to prevent constipation. Chicory pulp has a prebiotic effect and supports healthy intestinal flora. As Josera Sensi Mash is particularly tasty, it is also suitable as a restorative feed for heavy-fed horses or after situations of high stress (competition, transport, re-housing, illnesses, etc.).

The unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals ensure the best coat shine, intact skin and stable hooves. Josera Sensi Mash is therefore also ideal for use during the change of coat in spring and autumn. Due to its mushy consistency, Josera Sensi  can be eaten without problems by horses with teeth and chewing problems.

  • Very high linseed content with chicory pulp for a healthy intestine and optimal digestion
  • Valuable fatty acids for an unbeatably shiny coat and strong hooves
  • High-quality mineralisation for all metabolic processes

Packaging size: 15kg


Feeding recommendation:
Depending on size of horse, feed additionally 1–2 kg of Josera Sensi 2–3 times a week or use to replace the usual manger ration.
Preparation: e.g. Mix 1 kg of Josera Sensi (1 litre = 480 g) with 2 litres of warm water (50 °C). Let it soak for 15–20 minutes and feed at a moderate

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