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Trixie Milk Drops – Pet Mania Pakistan

Trixie Milk Drops, all dogs big and small love to chew no matter their age. Many people believe it is just teething pups that like to chew. It is true they chew much more and with less inhibition as they are teething, but dogs will continue to need and want something to chew on well into adulthood and old age. This is a built-in need in dogs and is essential for good dental hygiene. This is especially necessary if you feed a wet food diet to your dog. A dry diet will also aid healthy teeth and mouth so is the ideal choice. Just find what your dog likes, and he will chew and chew keeping his mouth and teeth healthy.

Keep them healthy all the day. Treat for dogs with essential vitamins.

Milk Drops are dog treats with valuable vitamins also in a resealable bag.  A tasty snack for between meals, also offering your dog lots of chewing fun.

Premium quality with particularly high-quality ingredients, training snacks, snacks with dental care effect or also a simple treat in between meals.

Here you can find the right reward for every purpose. The choice of TRIXIE snacks is huge.

  • With essential vitamins
  • In resealable bag


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