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Wanpy Adult Dog Tooth Brush Chews in Beef Flavor 100 g Pouch

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Wanpy Toothbrush Chews Beef dog treat is a tasty toothbrush designed to help with your pet?s mouth care. The treat is used in addition to the basic diet of dogs and puppies of all breeds

Wanpy premium dog snacks help healthy digestion and balanced nutrition as they are high in quality protein and low in fat. They are rich in DHA for a greater cognitive capacity of your dog and also a better development of the nervous and visual systems, as well as being rich in Omega 3 and 6 for a healthy heart and coat.

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Wanpy Adult Dog Tooth Brush Chews in Beef Flavor

Wanpy Adult Dog Tooth Brush Chews in Beef Flavor is a tasty toothbrush designed to help with your pet’s mouth care. The treat is used in addition to the basic diet of dogs and puppies of all breeds over 3 months of age.

Wanpy Toothbrush Chews is made as a miniature toothbrush with different textures on the surface, it helps to clean the dog’s teeth from plaque, helps to massage the gums and strengthen the jaw muscles, and prevents the formation of tartar.If you anticipate getting your dog used to using a toothbrush, which is a more effective way to clean his teeth, Wanpy Toothbrush Chews are great for the transition.

Wanpy Toothbrush Chews has an appetizing beef flavor, and contains beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Wanpy Toothbrush Chews are high in healthy protein and low in fat. This promotes your pet’s activity, strengthens his health, immunity and helps control your dog’s weight.

Why buy Wanpy Toothbrush Chews for dogs:

  • 100% natural;
  • premium quality;
  • healthy chewing: the dense structure and textured surface of the treats gently cleanses plaque from the teeth;
  • contains vitamins and trace elements;
  • prevents destructive chewing;
  • helps transition to using a toothbrush;
  • weight control: has low fat content (0.5%), which is important for spayed dogs and pets prone to obesity;
  • with a high content of healthy protein to maintain the health and activity of your pet, strengthen immunity;
  • healthy digestion: well digested, easy to digest;
  • has an appetizing beef flavor;
  • does not contain sugar, salt, artificial flavors;
  • easy to store: Zip Lock lockable packaging keeps treats fresh.

Number of treats in a package: 10 pcs.

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